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Sunny Menia Egyptian Marble

Sunny Menia Marble :


Sunny Menia Egyptian Marble is renowned for its superior quality and diverse range of colors. It is primarily utilized for flooring, stairs, and external building facades. This marble holds a prominent position among the most famous types of Egyptian marble.


- Egyptian Marble and its Formation:

Egypt boasts a rich variety of natural marble types, formed through the solidification of lava in ancient times, resulting from intense temperatures and high pressures within the Earth's interior. Egyptian marble is consistently available in the global market and is known for its affordability, catering to all segments of society.


- Applications of Egyptian Marble:

Marble is widely employed in construction and decorative works for buildings, enhancing their appearance with sophistication, elegance, and long-lasting durability.


- Distinctive Features of Egyptian Marble:

Egyptian marble possesses numerous advantages that make it highly sought-after for various decoration and construction purposes. Key features include:


Strength, durability, and exceptional endurance.

A wide array of colors ranging from light beige to dark beige, as well as gray tones, influenced by Egypt's desert landscape.


- Standard Specifications & Technical Data:


Compressive Strength (ASTM C 170): 13,300 psi

Flexural Strength (ASTM C 880): 1,600 psi

Abrasion Resistance (ASTM C 241/ C 1353): 26.4 Ha

Density (ASTM C 97): 2,618 kg/m3

Water Absorption (ASTM C 97): 0.29%

Modulus of Rupture


- Surface Finishes:

Sunny Menia Marble offers a variety of surface finishes, including polished, saw-cut, honed, brushed, acid, sandblasted, bush-hammered, tumbled, striped, and split-face marble tiles.


- Material Availability:

Blocks, slabs, and tiles of Sunny Menia Marble are readily available.

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