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Egyptian Granite Suppliers

Egyptian Granite

Egyptian granite is considered the most sophistication and luxury when used at home or in public places. It combines beauty, sophistication, and solidity.

Granite has different prices, shapes and types :

- The Egyptian Granite shapes and colors :

Granite is characterized as having different colors and shapes that give a sophisticated aesthetic shape. Its colors are natural and consist of natural factors without the interference of chemicals.

Granite is characterized by containing many overlapping colors, which add an aesthetic touch and vitality and give the place a feeling of warmth. Granite is not limited to one color or simple colors like other floors.

It is also distinguished by its different shapes, it may be as veins or as grains, which adds a sophisticated look.

- Hardness and durability:

Egyptian Granite is exposed to high temperatures and pressure, which crystallizes the granite, which makes it hard and strong to withstand different climatic conditions.


- Granite uses :

it’s usable anywhere indoors or outdoors designs  and it’s a perfect choice for the kitchen countertops, Stairs, Landscape, Flooring, Paving , Window sills and more.

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